AdmiraltyPrimary school started in 1997 with 45 classes. Though young in years, staff in the school has established a strong culture of care and created a sense of belonging among staff and pupils. Our staff sees in each become. (more)



School Vision 

A vibrant and dynamic education hub. 


School Mission 

Nurture good citizens and passionate learners.  


Our Core Values 

Graciousness in conduct 

Responsibility in words and deeds 

Integrity to uphold 

Perseverance for excellence


Tamil P3 Camp




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        Prize-Giving Day 2015 - General Photos 

        Prive - Giving 2015     





P6 Graduation 25 Nov 2015 P1 Photo

P6 Graduation 25 Nov 2015


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  *If PSI is above 150 class will be cancelled



All Ex-Students are allowed to visit the school tomorrow from 1.30 to 2.30pmPlease use Gate C only.  

All ex-students will remain in canteen due to security reasons and they are not allowed to visit other areas of the school due to construction work.

Pls make an appointment with your teachers’


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