AdmiraltyPrimary school started in 1997 with 45 classes. Though young in years, staff in the school has established a strong culture of care and created a sense of belonging among staff and pupils. Our staff sees in each become. (more)



School Vision 

A vibrant and dynamic education hub. 


School Mission 

Nurture good citizens and passionate learners.  


Our Core Values 

Graciousness in conduct 

Responsibility in words and deeds 

Integrity to uphold 

Perseverance for excellence







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For parents with pre-school children, MOE Kindergarten @ Riverside will be opening in 2016! The registration for 2016 K1 admission will be held on 18 and 20 April 20159am to 2pm, at Riverside Primary School. Parents are warmly invited to visit an Open House at any of the 10 existing MOE Kindergartens on 7 and 14 March.


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